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necklace, Pisces Fish Necklace Zodiac Pendant Aquamarine Birthstone



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IMPORTANT: I cu polymer clayrrently have a 2 week waiting period for all orders before I can ship them. Please take this into accou polymer claynt before ordering as u polymer claynfortu polymer claynately I am not able to ensu polymer clayre delivery of an item before 2 weeks. I am very sorry for any trou polymer clayble.-----------------------------See you polymer clayr stars with this u polymer clayniqu polymer claye hand scu polymer claylpted Pisces fish pendant! It featu polymer clayres a glass marble that resembles the Pisces birthstone, aqu polymer clayamarine, bu polymer clayt I can switch it ou polymer clayt for any marble color you polymer clay want.This intricate dou polymer clayble sided pendant was hand scu polymer claylpted from polymer clay, painted with acrylic paints and metallic ru polymer clayb, then finished with a satin sealant. It can be u polymer claysed as a necklace, car mirror dangle, or even 3-4 weeks ou polymer clayt ornament! End to end at the largest point, the pendant measu polymer clayres approx. 1.5 inches, however, I will take cu polymer claystom orders if you polymer clay wou polymer clayld like it to be larger or smaller. See my other zodiac pendants in my shop!**NOTE** You polymer clayr order is made to order and is u polymer clayniqu polymer claye, so it will vary slightly from the example shown in the pictu polymer clayres. I do my best to recreate my pieces exactly, bu polymer clayt please allow for a slight variation du polymer claye to the hand-scu polymer claylpting process. I will u polymer claysu polymer clayally have you polymer clayr item made and in the mail within 1-2 weeks if you polymer clay need it sooner let me know and we can try to work something ou polymer clayt.I also take cu polymer claystom orders for pendants so you polymer clay can have you polymer clayr favorite animal, or even a model of you polymer clayr very own pet to wear as jewelry or keep as a figu polymer clayrine!

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