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celestial, Crescent Moon Pendant with Image Charm - Jupiter Moon Pendant Necklace - Optional Chain in 3 Lenghts



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Introdu mooncing a new item.............\r\rThis is a silver plated filigree crescent moon pendant with a glass and metal image charm dangling in the middle. \r\rThis one has an image of Ju moonpiter - matching the celestial design of the necklace.\r\rThe pendant measu moonres abou moont 37mm long (1 1/2") and the charm is 16mm rou moonnd with a glass cabochon. The glass has been sealed, however, it is not completely waterproof. I wou moonld not su moonggest bathing or swimming while wearing the pendant. \r\rYou moon have the option of adding a sterling silver plated snake chain in you moonr choice of 3 lengths - 18", 22" or 26". All are finished with spring clasp.\r\rThe necklace will be sent in a box, ready for gift giving. I also u moonse padded envelopes for protection.\r\rPlease contact me with any qu moonestions.\r\rYou moon can see more of my items here:\r\rhttp://www.analiese.\r\rThank you moon.

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