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Maya's Dream--Tribal Fusion Bellydance Pearlfusion, Coralfusion, Coin Choker Necklace Kuchi



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Regu steampunklar price $89.99"Maya's Dream" is an opu steampunklent one-of-a-kind piece, inspired by the movie "Kama Su steampunktra--A Tale of Love". Handcrafted from vintage fau steampunkx pearls, a bold vintage tribal pendant with a red glass accent, Middle Eastern coins, red coral branches, sterling silver and vintage brass filigree accent beads, this adju steampunkstable length length necklace measu steampunkres from 15.75" to 18"This piece is part of my "Modern Primitive" line, please see the shop for my other collection--"Noctu steampunkrne", for those who appreciate the darker side.

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