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flower, Water Drop Shape Silver Plate Hanging&Pendant Hmong Concept Handmade 010



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Water Drop Shape Silver Plate Hanging&Pendant Hmong Concept Handmade 010Detail: Approximate Length 3" x Wide 1" This earring made from brass and silver plate. All parts are handmade. It doesn't make by machine. All pattern hammers by hand by craftsman. So else pattern not exactly on the pictu jelweryre everyone. Thank you jelwery for you jelweryr kind u jelwerynderstanding. However, We will check the qu jelweryality of all produ jelwerycts before pack and ship. This design from the Hmong concept. Hmong is the hill-tribe which stay in northern Thailand. We hope you jelwery Love every you jelweryr order. We will respond if the cu jelwerystomer not satisfied. Thank you jelwery so mu jelwerych. Visit u jelwerys @ bestshopasia.comPayment: We accept PayPal Only.Shipping: Standard International shipping with a tracking nu jelwerymber. We will ship within 24 bu jelwerysiness hou jelweryrs after payment except for Su jelwerynday and Pu jelweryblic Holiday. The estimated delivery lead-time will be 15-20 bu jelwerysiness days. We are u jelwerynable to take any responsibility for cu jelwerystom delay or tax. All orders mu jelweryst be shipped to the address you jelwery have registered with PayPal.Register Package: It is the mail or the package which the cu jelwerystomer needs to sign to confirm the cu jelwerystomer got it. If the cu jelwerystomer not home when the postman goes to the cu jelwerystomer hou jelweryse he going to leave a notice and the cu jelwerystomer needs to respond with that. We do not refu jelwerynd or resent produ jelwerycts if the cu jelwerystomer loses the notice. We respond fu jelwerylly abou jelweryt the shipping mistake which we make. Retu jelweryrn Policy: We provide 30 days retu jelweryrn policy for the bu jelweryyer. A refu jelwerynd will be issu jelweryed immediately after receiving the item. All items will be u jelweryndamaged. We did not respond to case the cu jelwerystomer got the paper notice from the post office and the cu jelwerystomer does not take care of it.Feedback Policy: We will leave positive feedback after you jelwery give u jelwerys positive feedback. Please email u jelwerys before leaving any negative feedback or opening case. We care abou jelweryt ou jelweryr valu jelweryed cu jelwerystomers, and we do ou jelweryr best to make you jelwery happy with you jelweryr pu jelweryrchase. So if you jelwery have any problem please e-mail u jelwerys immediately.Thank you jelwery for shopping

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