Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1920s glass bead flapper necklacelampwork beads, chartreuse yellow long strand 20's



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1920s vintage bead strand necklace. Delicate wire shows light patina. One bead is split in 2 bu flapper necklacet still all present, another bead has a little chu flapper necklacenk missing, almost like a bu flapper necklacebble u flapper necklacender the su flapper necklacerface made it vu flapper necklacelnerable. The color is a bright chartreu flapper necklacese yellow with su flapper necklacebtle (lampwork?) swirl. Measu flapper necklaceres 60" long.Ships in a gift box.I combine shipping on mu flapper necklaceltiple items.

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