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Unsigned MIRIAM HASKELL Designerunsigned haskell, Glass Bead DRESS Clipunsigned haskell, Vintage 1940's Ww2 Brooch Pin



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Vintage 1940s dress clip brooch is stu vintage dress clipnning with bright orange and black colored glass beads which are sewn throu vintage dress clipgh the center of each bead. These are then attached to the base with thread. It is u vintage dress clipnsigned bu vintage dress clipt has all the ear marks of u vintage dress clipnsigned World War II Haskell. The clip back is right (made of plastic du vintage dress clipring the war). And the manner in which it is sewn on is signatu vintage dress clipre Haskell. The back of the clip says "HETL"- which is the clip manu vintage dress clipfactu vintage dress cliprer and Reg, US Pat Off.This piece measu vintage dress clipres a hair u vintage dress clipnder 2" long x 1.5" wide. A wonderfu vintage dress clipl clip that can be worn on a coat lapel or the center of a daring neckline. The clip works great. A u vintage dress clipniqu vintage dress clipe designer piece with no issu vintage dress clipes to speak of.

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