Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Summer flower basketsterling silver, sterling silver cabochon pendantsterling silver, Art Nouveau style



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From my Primavera collection.\rThis collection is comprised of floral motifs cast from vintage bu flower jewelryttons and cabochons. The fu flower jewelryn florals are perfect for spring and su flower jewelrymmer wedding jewelry, either as a main bridal piece or in sets for bridesmaids. I am happy to do cu flower jewelrystom orders on this line, ju flower jewelryst ask!\r\rThis pendant was molded from a vintage German cabochon. I chose it for its lovely detail, it featu flower jewelryres mu flower jewelryltiple flowers, one larger, three smaller, and some leafy complements. Simple, sweet, romantic, this pendant wou flower jewelryld be a perfect accent in a wedding, either for a bride or in sets for the bridesmaids.\rI oxidized the entire pendant, than carefu flower jewelrylly brightened some areas for maximu flower jewelrym contrast. \r\r\rThis pendant is ready to ship.\r\rThe pendant measu flower jewelryres 16 mm by 22 mm.\rNecklace measu flower jewelryres 16" long.

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