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thin bangle, Medium Hammered Bangle Handmade using 14k Gold Fill or Sterling



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Mediu thin banglem Hammered Bangle Tu thin banglembleweed bangles are beau thin bangletifu thin banglel and fu thin banglen to wear...what more cou thin bangleld you thin bangle ask for?Tu thin banglembleweed bangles are adored and collected by women arou thin banglend the world. They make a statement on their own or stacked with other bangles. We recommending mixing sizes and metals for more impact. All bangles are hammered to add to the beau thin banglety.This listing is for one bangle.2 5/8" diameter and available in 14k Gold Fill or Sterling. If you thin bangle wou thin bangleld like a cu thin banglestom size, let u thin bangles know, we wou thin bangleld be happy to make you thin bangle a cu thin banglestom set.Handmade in the USA.

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