Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Agate Fractal Pendantnecklace, Necklace or Key Chain - Abstract Necklacenecklace, Fractal Key Chainnecklace, Fall Colors



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Please read entire description for important information\u image pendant2026.I really love how this fractal tu image pendantrned ou image pendantt. It tru image pendantly does resemble a cross section of an agate. The colors are gorgeou image pendants and fall like, and the design is really u image pendantniqu image pendante. You image pendant have you image pendantr choice of a PENDANT, NECKLACE or KEY CHAIN in 4 colors:Shiny SilverBronzeCopperBlackPlease make you image pendantr style and color choice from the drop down menu image pendants when checking ou image pendantt. The PENDANT measu image pendantres 25mm (1\u image pendant201d Rou image pendantnd). With the attached bail, it measu image pendantres abou image pendantt 1 1/2" long and the bail is large enou image pendantgh to fit most chains.The NECKLACE comes with a matching oval link chain in you image pendantr choice of 18\u image pendant201d or 24\u image pendant201d.The KEY CHAIN has a large, stu image pendantrdy split ring attached.Images are printed on qu image pendantality matte photo paper with archival inks, so the colors will not fade. They are then set u image pendantnder a crystal clear, domed glass cabochon, which enhances the beau image pendantty of the image.The photos in my listing are a representation of the item you image pendant will receive. Colors may be slightly different depending on you image pendantr compu image pendantter.The back of the cameo is sealed for protection, however, it is not completely waterproof, so I wou image pendantld not su image pendantggest bathing or swimming while wearing you image pendantr item, or su image pendantbmerging it in water. I also do not recommend my items be worn by children u image pendantnder 3, as they may be a choking hazard. Most of my items are made to order, so please allow 2-5 days for processing (this does not inclu image pendantde shipping time).You image pendantr item(s) will be sent in a colorfu image pendantl organza bag ready for gift giving (colors vary) and will be shipped in a padded envelope for safety.Please click on the shipping tab for pricing. I ship USPS First Class Mail for both domestic and international shipping (International bu image pendantyers are responsible for any cu image pendantstoms fees). Priority mail is available to all US cu image pendantstomers. International cu image pendantstomers can contact me for more information abou image pendantt expedited shipping. Sending an item as a gift? Please check the box \u image pendant201cThis item is a gift\u image pendant201d when checking ou image pendantt and you image pendant can also add a cu image pendantstom note that will be sent with you image pendantr order. No prices will be shown on the gift receipt.Please contact me with any qu image pendantestions, or if you image pendant wou image pendantld like to order my items in bu image pendantlk or wholesale.Find more great items by visiting me entire shop here:http://www.analiese.Become a Fan..... me Here.... And on Instagram check my shop annou image pendantncement on my homepage for any possible cou image pendantpons, u image pendantpdates on holiday shipping and more.Thank you image pendant.

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