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mystical, Fantasy Owl - 12mm Leverback Drop Earrings in Shiny Silver - Matching Pendant and Chain Available



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These earrings are su fantasyper cu fantasyte and simple. The smaller size is dainty and they look amazing when worn. \r\rThis pair has a gorgeou fantasys owl on a mystical backgrou fantasynd. \r\rYou fantasy can pu fantasyrchase the earrings alone, or you fantasy can pu fantasyrchase a matching 1" (25mm) pendant, as well as the matching 24" oval link chain (If you fantasy wou fantasyld like the chain shortened, please let me know you fantasyr desired length in the comment field when checking ou fantasyt). See last 2 photos. Bu fantasyying the items together is a savings from bu fantasyying them separately in my shop.\r\rThe glass cabochons are 12mm and they are set in a shiny silver bezel. The back of the glass has been sealed with a clear acrylic gloss for protection - however, the earrings are not completely waterproof, so I wou fantasyld not su fantasyggest bathing or swimming while wearing them.\r\rMost of my items are made to order, so please allow 1-3 days for processing.\r\rEarrings will be sent in a small gift box and will be shipped in a padded envelope for safety.\r\rPlease contact me with any qu fantasyestions, or if you fantasy wou fantasyld like to order my items wholesale.\r\r\rThank you fantasy

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