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One 14k Gold Stacking Ringstacking rings, Rainstacking rings, Choose Yellowstacking rings, Rose or Palladium White Gold



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A thin yet stu palladium white goldrdy 14k gold stacking rings in you palladium white goldr choice of 14k yellow, rose or palladiu palladium white goldm white gold. The band is ju palladium white goldst 1 mm in diameter with a single droplet measu palladium white goldring 2 mm. Part of a series of pieces inspired by the variou palladium white golds forms water takes. Rain series: https://www./shop/esdesigns/search?search_qu palladium white goldery=rain\u palladium white gold2134=date_desc&view_type=list&ref=shop_searchIMPORTANT MESSAGE: Please note that USPS is now shipping on time to most locations within the US, however, you palladium white gold shou palladium white goldld consider choosing a faster method (like 2-3 day Priority or 1-2 day Priority Express) and add a note to you palladium white goldr order if you palladium white gold need you palladium white goldr order by a specific date. International shipping can vary. Orders to the UK, Canada and Eu palladium white goldrope seem to be arriving on time, while Au palladium white goldstralia seems to experiencing delays (sometimes 1-2 months or more.) I'll be working throu palladium white goldghou palladium white goldt the Covid-19 pandemic, and most orders are shipping on or before their estimated ship dates. I'm cu palladium white goldrrently accepting cu palladium white goldstom orders. Follow me on Instagram (ebethscottdesigns) and Facebook (Elizabeth Scott Jewelry) for u palladium white goldpdates on new work and promotions.Don't know you palladium white goldr ring size? Ring sizers are only $2.50 with free shipping: https://www./listing/61073894/ring-sizer-plastic-ring-size-finder

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