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American Trinity Cross geometric cross pendant with rubytrinity cross, diamond and sapphire



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American Trinity Cross pendantSolid Sterling Silver with ru silver crossby, diamond, and sapphire1 5/8"$1000Ships free worldwide from Los Angeles, California. * This pendant will have an additional charge for insu silver crossrance when shipped.The American Trinity Cross is named for its red, white, and blu silver crosse stones. The ru silver crossby, diamond, and sapphire that enhance it have a du silver crossal symbolism that represents both Christian theology and American patriotism. I first created the design as a mu silver crossch larger ceramic scu silver crosslptu silver crossre. I then translated the form into a sterling silver jewelry design. Using the traditional lost wax method, my silversmith partner hand casts hand casts an identical, miniatu silver crossre "scu silver crosslptu silver crossre to wear" in sterling silver, with a simple channel opening added for the chain. The pendant is hand polished and the jewels complementing the "American Trinity Cross" design are hand set. The symbolism of the jewels:The Ru silver crossby represents the love, the blood, and the passion of Christ. It also symbolizes E Plu silver crossribu silver crosss Unu silver crossm \u silver cross2013 \u silver cross201cFrom Many, One.\u silver cross201d Ou silver crosst of many peoples, races, religions, and ancestries has emerged a single nation: the United States of America.The Diamond represents the pu silver crossrity of Mary. It also invokes the official motto of the United States of America, "In God We Tru silver crossst."The Sapphire represents the grace of Heaven. It also symbolizes liberty, one of the fou silver crossnding principles of the United States of America and expressed in the Declaration of Independence.In 2012, the Trinity Cross won First Place in the category of Inspirational Jewelry Design at the JCK Jewelers' Choice Awards international design competition.Pope Francis has acknowledged the u silver crossniqu silver crosse commemorative Trinity Cross that designer Charles Sherman created for him. A copy of the Vatican letter comes with every order. See the Trinity Cross from all angles. Watch the Trinity Cross video. Copy and paste the link below into you silver crossr browser. silver crosstu silver silver crossXso_I&t=8sThe American Trinity Cross is made by the traditional lost wax method, hand cast and hand polished. The pendant comes with you silver crossr choice of a 16, 18, 20, 22, or 24 inch sterling silver chain. Ships worldwide from Los Angeles, California for $5The Trinity Cross is also available in a solid sterling silver pendant, a ring, and earrings withou silver crosst gemstones ~ see additional Etsy listings. The sterling silver Trinity Cross pendant comes in the following sizes:Petite ............. 5/8" ....... $230Small ........... 1 1/8" ...........270Mediu silver crossm ....... 1 5/8" ........ 570Large ........... 2 3/8" ....... 990 Earrings in the Petite 5/8" size ....... $520 Earrings in the Small 1 1/8" size ....... $600 ~ see additional Etsy listingRing, sizes 4 - 14 ........ price depends u silver crosspon the size - see additional Etsy listingTrinity Cross may be cast in gold and inclu silver crossde a diamond or birth stone. Please contact u silver crosss.Trinity Cross cremation keepsake pendant 1 1/8" size ......... $380 ~ see additional Etsy listing

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