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Blue Flower Necklacegift for her, enameled flower pendant by Kathryn Riechert



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These tu etsymetal teamrqu etsymetal teamoise blu etsymetal teame flowers make me happy, and they really stand ou etsymetal teamt when worn!This pendant is made of glass enamel fu etsymetal teamsed to a copper base. Colorfu etsymetal teaml and dainty, simple and sweet, it is perfect for both little girls and adu etsymetal teamlts. The flower was made with different colors of blu etsymetal teame enamel fu etsymetal teamsed together. The center has a little white and yellow flower melted in place.I have tried to portray the colors as accu etsymetal teamrately as possible, however it will vary by compu etsymetal teamter monitor.The charm is abou etsymetal teamt 1" (25mm) in size.The necklace chain is solid sterling silver. Send me an etsy convo or email with any and all qu etsymetal teamestions.Thank you etsymetal team!

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