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Word Charmspersonalized name, hand stamped jewelrypersonalized name, personalized charm with your wordpersonalized name, date or name in sterling silver by Kathryn Riechert



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These charms are hand stamped in sterling silver and personalized with the word or name of you silver word charmr choice. They are perfect for adding a word of encou silver word charmragement to you silver word charmr existing necklaces, or for making you silver word charmr own cu silver word charmstom mothers necklace. They also make a good pu silver word charmsh present for expectant moms :)The charms are small, bu silver word charmt readable. Please reference the photographs to get a sense of the scale. The loop at the top of the charm is soldered closed and is abou silver word charmt 4mm in diameter, all charms will hang vertically down from the chain. The length of the charm will depend on the nu silver word charmmber of letters in you silver word charmr word. The lettering is an all u silver word charmppercase font.Charms are priced individu silver word charmally. Price is for ONE charm. If you silver word charm wou silver word charmld like to pu silver word charmrchase more than one charm, please select the qu silver word charmantity you silver word charm wou silver word charmld like, and add them to you silver word charmr shopping cart. Du silver word charmring checkou silver word charmt you silver word charm will see a 'notes to seller' box, and that is where you silver word charm can let me know the word(s) you silver word charm wou silver word charmld like u silver word charmsed. Words shou silver word charmld be kept to 15 letters or less. I am not able to stamp on both sides of the charms. By defau silver word charmlt I stamp all the words vertically, u silver word charmnless otherwise requ silver word charmested, or if nu silver word charmmbers are involved.If you silver word charm wou silver word charmld like a date stamped, I do have nu silver word charmmbers available to u silver word charmse. The date wou silver word charmld need to be in nu silver word charmmerical format, (ie: 11/5/13 ) and wou silver word charmld be stamped onto the charm horizontally instead of vertically (see above image with date for reference).The chain option is for a solid sterling silver chain in the style shown.******************************************************************************************Click the 'Shipping and Policies' tab (u silver word charmnder the photographs and at the top of the this description) for information on shipping times and my shop policies.Send me an etsy convo or email with any and all qu silver word charmestions.Thank you silver word charm!

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