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Large ANTIQUEincogneeto, Early 1900s Vintage Broochincogneeto, with GENUINE Chinese Turquoise and Enamel Pin



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I believe this was made in the early 1900's u enameled broochsing silver, copper, and enameling. The silver metal has copper tones on the front bu enameled broocht appears more silver on the back. A lovely tu enameled broochrqu enameled broochoise stone is in the center of the Chinese cobalt blu enameled brooche enameling. The antiqu enameled brooched finish is fabu enameled broochlou enameled broochs for that ancient look. It's a large piece measu enameled broochring 2 1/4". It is stamped on the back "Made in China." Ju enameled broochst gorgeou enameled broochs!Like this item and looking for more like it? Search ou enameled broochr pages and pages of great vintage here on Incogneeto vintage! Also:Are you enameled brooch a dealer and want to bu enameled broochy in qu enameled broochantity? Check ou enameled broocht ou enameled broochr new store on etsy for wholesale vintage pu enameled broochrchasing:http://www./shop/tru enameled broochevintagewholesale

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