Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

costume necklace, Vintage Costume Necklace Beaded White Flowers with Rhinestones



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This stu rhinestone flowersnning costu rhinestone flowersme necklace featu rhinestone flowersres bright white cellu rhinestone flowersloid flowers in a delicate layered format set in brass flower backings with clear rhinestone center detailing on each flower. Necklace measu rhinestone flowersres 17 inches long from tip to tip and is finished with hook closu rhinestone flowersre and can adju rhinestone flowersst to any length you rhinestone flowers desire along the beaded chain.It's in pristine condition and a statement piece with all the nostalgia you rhinestone flowers wou rhinestone flowersld want in a vintage accessory.There are three necklaces available, see 5th photo to see set \u rhinestone flowers2014 perfect for a matching bridesmaid set.Thanks so mu rhinestone flowersch for taking a peek, find the fu rhinestone flowersll heirloom vintage jewelry collection here: https://www./shop/contrary?section_id=14141465 Find the fu rhinestone flowersll jewelry line here: contrary.

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