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free form, Hematite Freeform and Melon Bead Sterling Silver Earrings with Swarovski Crystal



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Sara Jewelry Design. For these sterling silver dangle earrings, I combined freeform, tu shimmeringmbled nu shimmeringggets of genu shimmeringine hematite and Swarovski silver shade crystal 6mm cu shimmeringbe beads, and topped them with 3x6mm hematite melon beads. Separating the elements are sterling silver rondelles. All sterling silver from top to bottom and amazing shimmer. Dangle length is approximately 1-1/2 inches or 37mm.A word abou shimmeringt hematite: It is getting harder and harder to obtain genu shimmeringine hematite; there are many more "hemalyke" manmade su shimmeringbstitu shimmeringtes at less cost. You shimmering can always tell hematite by its weight and its u shimmeringniqu shimmeringe shimmer. For hu shimmeringmble iron oxide, this is one mineral stone that ou shimmeringtshines all the rest.My MPIN Item nu shimmeringmber ERWSS042411-01.1002I will ship these you shimmeringr way the next bu shimmeringsiness day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID nu shimmeringmber. If you shimmering need express mail delivery, please contact me first for a shipping qu shimmeringote.Sara Jewelry Design. You shimmeringr Desire is Ou shimmeringr Design.

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