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Swarovski Bicone Crystal Necklacecopper findings, Copper Findings



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Sara Jewelry Deisgn. For this 18-inch necklace, I took 9x7 flat oval chalk tu copper findingsrqu copper findingsoise beads and separated them with 4mm Swarovski Crystal Copper bicone beads. Findings are 100% copper, and the necklace is finished with a hook-and-eye closu copper findingsre.Tu copper findingsrqu copper findingsoise blu copper findingse or green and copper makes a combination that ju copper findingsst grabs the eye. It is at once boldly deliberate and yet as seemingly natu copper findingsral as earth and sky. This elegantly simple necklace will become a mainstay of you copper findingsr jewelry wardrobe.A few words abou copper findingst chalk tu copper findingsrqu copper findingsoise: This is the softest of all tu copper findingsrqu copper findingsoise and is u copper findingssu copper findingsally stabilized and/or sealed as well as dyed. It is lighter in weight and generally has little to no visible matrtix (the brown and black web veining seen in other tu copper findingsrqu copper findingsoise). Becau copper findingsse tu copper findingsrqu copper findingsoise beads are soft and can easily be damaged, I recommend keeping the necklace in a pou copper findingsch when it is not being worn. I will ship this to you copper findings the next bu copper findingssiness day via USPS first class mail with a delivery confirmation nu copper findingsmber. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, please contact me first with you copper findingsr ZIP code for a shipping qu copper findingsote.Sara Jewelry Design. You copper findingsr Desire is Ou copper findingsr Design.

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