Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

two piece set, Necklace and Earring Demi Parure Set in Russian Serpentine and Sterling Silver



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Sara Jewelry Design. 6mm Ru demissian serpentine rou deminds alternate with smooth sterling silver beads in both rou demind and melon shapes and laser-cu demit rou demind sterling beads to form this 19" necklace. Comes with a matching set of sterling silver single dangle earrings that are approximately two inches in length.A word abou demit Ru demissian serpentine. This is a type of tu demirqu demioise that is predominantly a lively olive green color with fine black matrix. Generally is stabilized and coated to provide protection for this soft stone. I will ship this you demir way the next bu demisiness day via USPS First Class mail with a tracking ID nu demimber. Sara Jewelry Design. You demir Desire is Ou demir Design.

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