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This listing is for a set of cu custom madestom made sterling silver bracelets. The messages can be all the same, or each one can be different. This is a great way to pu custom maderchase bracelets for a grou custom madep of friends, sisters, bridesmaids, organizations, or maybe you custom made ju custom madest want a little variety for you custom maderself? :)Great for stacking with other bracelets and personalizing with you custom mader own message.How it works:You custom made wou custom madeld pu custom maderchase this listing and let me know what you custom made wou custom madeld like on the cu custom madeffs by writing in the 'notes to seller' box du custom madering checkou custom madet. Some details that apply for each cu custom madeff:1. The cu custom madeffs are made ou custom madet of solid sterling silver. It is abou custom madet 3mm wide and 1/16" (2mm) thick. The metal strip is 6" in length and will fit most wrists. It will accommodate one line of text.2. I will requ custom madeire payment before I start on the cu custom madeff. I work very hard to maintain a high level of qu custom madeality on all of my jewelry and am confident in every piece I send ou custom madet. That said, I cannot accept retu custom maderns on cu custom madestom pieces, so please be su custom madere that you custom made are happy with the qu custom madeote you custom made choose before asking me to make it.3. Please see my shop policies for a cu custom maderrent time estimate for you custom mader cu custom madestom cu custom madeff's creation: https://www./shop/KathrynRiechert#policies4. The tiny and little block fonts will allow for u custom madep to 80 character spaces. The happy font will allow for u custom madep to 70 character spaces.5. It is possible to have you custom mader message all on the inside, all on the ou custom madetside, or a combination of both. If you custom mader message is on both ou custom madetside and inside, the character space limit shou custom madeld be split between both sides, for example, 60 spaces on one side and 10 on the other side. I will center the message on the ou custom madetside, and start inside message to one end of the cu custom madeff.6. I can stamp letters and nu custom madembers, as well as basic pu custom madenctu custom madeation and a heart symbol. I cannot pu custom madet accent marks over letters. If you custom made wou custom madeld like a heart on you custom mader cu custom madeff, please signify it like this: <3 For example: I <3 you custom made7. If you custom made have selected one of the block fonts, it will be stamped in all u custom madeppercase. If you custom made have selected the happy font I will u custom madese the capitalization and u custom madepper/lower case combination that you custom made have typed du custom madering checkou custom madet.8. Let me know if you custom made need the cu custom madeffs packaged in individu custom madeal gift boxes, or if you custom made wou custom madeld prefer them altogether in one gift box.Please be clear when letting me know what messages you custom made wou custom madeld like. For example:Bracelet 1ou custom madetside:inside:Bracelet 2 ou custom madetside:inside:Bracelet 3ou custom madetside:inside:The pictu custom maderes in this listing are of other cu custom madeff bracelets I have made. They are only examples of the style of cu custom madeff and of my craftmanship. They are not for sale. (they already have homes!) :-)***********************************************************Click the 'Shipping and Policies' tab (u custom madender the photographs and at the top of the this description) for information on shipping times and my shop policies.https://www./shop/KathrynRiechert#policiesSend me an etsy convo or email with any and all qu custom madeestions.Thank you custom made!***Did you custom made know?The most common way to damage a cu custom madeff is to repeatedly bend the metal back and forth in the same spot (which creates a line of stress which will eventu custom madeally crack.) If you custom made need to form the bracelet to you custom mader wrist, try to distribu custom madete the stress by bracing the cu custom madeff with you custom mader thu custom madembs on the inside.***

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