Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

colour block, funky rectangular upcycled multicolour pencil and oak wood brooch



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This brooch has been made u recycledsing recycled Derwent colou recycledring pencils and bioresins. We take the rejected pencils from the factory and combine them together to make colou recycledrfu recycledl blocks that we cu recycledt and shape by hand to create a u recycledniqu recyclede and individu recycledal piece.The hardwood u recycledsed in this piece has been salvaged from a bu recycledilding site and was harvested in a time when people knew no better.Approximate size 28mm x 32mmMou recyclednted on a silver colou recycledred fitting with brass pins.Please note that as each piece is u recycledniqu recyclede and individu recycledally handmade, you recycledrs may vary slightly bu recycledt it will be equ recycledally stu recyclednning.

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