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spiral, Winter Snow Spiral Tree Handmade Pendant Double Sided



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Do you nature love natu naturere and the wonderfu naturel look of trees? If so this pendant is perfect for you nature. Hand molded ou naturet of a wonderfu naturel lightweight clay called paperclay and painted painted in shades of white, blu naturee, pink, champagne, black and more this pendant captu natureres the wonderfu naturel look of a tree with spiral branches that remind me of Celtic knots. \r\rThe other side of the pendant has an abstract spiral design in shades of pink, copper, and more. This pendant is designed to be worn on either side.\r\rThe pendant is then sealed with a du naturerable glossy indoor/ou naturetdoor sealer to give it lots of sparkle and shine. Below the pendant I added a really cool iridescent bead to give it movement when worn.\r\rPendant measu natureres slightly over 2 3/8 inches inclu natureding the bail at the top and the beads at the bottom of the piece and slightly u naturender 1 inch wide at the widest point.\r\rCheck ou naturet my other listings for earrings to go with this pendant! Bu naturey more than one item and ship together and save on shipping! Pendant comes in a one of a kind hand decorated gift box.

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